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Combining technological innovation, ease of use and privacy, M32 SEGMENTS (DMP) will be a valuable tool to optimize monetization strategies.

Montreal, May 7, 2019. M32 Connect adds a critical element to the services of its new technology platform: a Data Management Platform that allows publishers to transform their data into audience segments, improving engagement and customer experience, as well as maximizing revenue and optimizing inventory.

In an increasingly complex industry where companies have access to a growing volume of data, publishers need tools to collect, aggregate and activate this data strategically. By meeting this need, M32 SEGMENTS complements the existing M32 REVENUES and M32 CONSENT modules, offering publishers a full range of monetization services.

“We know the needs of publishers well, so we were able to develop a solution that is truly adapted, easy to use and more affordable because we focus only on the relevant tools. A more accessible platform also means a better return on investment for publishers,” said Mo Kahlain, co-founder and Head of Strategy and Products at M32.

As with all M32 products and services, confidentiality and privacy are key elements of this Data Management Platform. The criteria that the company follows and imposes on its partners are very strict to protect publishers’ data and users’ privacy.

For more information about M32 SEGMENTS, visit the company’s website by clicking here.

About M32 Connect

M32 Connect is an Ad Tech & Analytics company helping digital publishers understand, control & optimize their data and the various monetization sources & formats. The company brings the data story together, enabling publishers the ability to make better business decisions for their digital assets. M32 Connect supports publishers by offering them a unique technology platform, flexible and innovative turn-key solutions, as well as by providing consulting and digital adops services.

Moreover, M32 Connect acts as a point of balance between publishers and advertisers. Besides the development of their own tech platform which provides useful insights to publishers, the company partners with premium web content publishers in order to allow advertisers to reach their audience and optimize their results.

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