Our platform is inspired by the DIKW pyramid, where data is merely an input, and the ultimate goal is to turn it into business decisions.

We’ve built our platform to address the complexity and fragmentation of the monetization challenges. Our goal is to help publishers maximize their digital revenues, control their data segments and diversify the monetization sources by harnessing the power of self-serve and programmatic.


Our cross-platform tech solution supports publishers and helps them manage and maximize their digital monetization.

M32 SCRIPT is a unique and innovative way to manage the monetization complexity and detect the right context for the right interaction. Header bidding or Ad Manager solution…why choose when we can execute both

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M32 REVENUES is a unique module that allows the aggregation of all usable data points in order to follow the trend of your monetization results. Each data card has been designed to help managers through their strategic decision-making process, and not just as a collection of unusable data points.

#Programmatic #MultimarketMonetization  #Yield #DirectSales


M32 AD CENTER is a self-service platform that enables publishers to simply make their ad space available to local advertisers.

The Ad Center is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive system that enables advertisers to efficiently build, plan and manage their own advertising campaigns.

#Self-Serve #AdCenter #Automation #Local

M32 SUPPORT is our service layer that helps publishers by making sporadic or continuous interventions to audit or operate their digital monetization. We also facilitate access to third-party technologies such as Jeeng, Novacreative, AdManager360, Magnite, etc.

#Support #Experts #360 offering

Based on our R&D program, this module regroups the most advanced benchmarks and optimizations. At the top of our DIKW pyramid, M32 INTELL’s goal is to put your data in a market context in order to transform information and knowledge into wisdom to support your business decisions.

#Benchmarks  #Seasonality  #Peformance #Revenues

M32 SEGMENTS is a data management platform (DMP) that helps our publishers collect, organize and activate first-, second- and third-party audience data. A much more affordable platform that will make access easy and bring ROI.

#Data #Segments  #Operations

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