M32 Intell

Based on our R&D program, this module regroups the most advanced benchmarks and optimizations. At the top of our DIKW pyramid, M32 INTELL’s goal is to put your data in a market context in order to transform information and knowledge into wisdom to support your business decisions.

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In the “Revenues” view, we focus on all the revenues KPIs to give you a better understanding of your asset’s position in comparison with your network, your cohort and finally, when applicable, to the market

Revenues are strongly influenced by the quality of an asset, the performance and the visibility of advertisements. The “Performance” module addresses these very important dimensions to better optimize the quality of the asset, the monetization performance and finally the user experience.

Benchmarks are great to analyse a particular trend, but they can be different from month to month due to the seasonality effect. For example, the “Back to school” period can drive CPM up while the summer time can have the opposite effect. The “Seasonality” view addresses this complexity and brings context for a 12-month observation rather than a single one.

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