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Dive into Programmatic and learn how to optimize your monetization strategy!



Based on our R&D program, this module regroups the most advanced benchmarks and optimizations.



The M32 team has played a very active role in the launch of a brand new initiative to rally media industry actors and offer concrete resources to support local media

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M32 Connect is an Ad Tech & Analytics company helping digital publishers understand, control & optimize their data and the various monetization sources & formats. We bring the data story together, enabling publishers the ability to make better business decisions for their digital assets.

Why work with us?

A Unique Tech Platform

Because we wanted to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that wasn’t available on the market, we developed our own platform to compile all relevant info and data into your one-stop-solution.

A Knowledgeable Team of Experts

Beside giving you access to our platform, our team is also available to support you and help you maximize your results and revenues by providing consulting services as well as by managing your adops services.

Diversified Monetization Sources

In today’s world, you can’t build your monetization strategy based on one dimension, one marketplace or one specific format. Your success will require agility and diversification that only M32 can provide you.


We’ve built our platform to address the complexity and fragmentation of the monetization challenges.


Discover our Canadian Programmatic index and browse  through our latest posts, analyses, white papers, publications, articles and case studies on our industry.

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