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Dive into Programmatic and learn how to optimize your monetization strategy!

Programmatic will account for US$60 billion in ad revenues in 2019. Are you doing the right things to ensure access to your fair share of these revenues?

Over the years, the advertising business has moved from a mostly manual ecosystem to one driven by machine learning algorithms, programmatic platforms and automated ad serving technology, where even direct media sales are mediated by martech solutions. Even though such innovations increased efficiency, they also added complexity to the process of buying and selling ad space, making the programmatic ecosystem so fragmented that most publishers struggle to derive the best returns on their ad inventory.

What’s inside


History and Definitions

How the law of supply and demand influences programmatic buying and selling.


How publishers can maximize the revenue from their digital inventory

Benchmarks & Indicators

How success is best measured using two new, revenue-driven KPIs: ARPU and ARPUM.



How user privacy and protection legislation (including GDPR and CCPA) affect how marketers do business in the digital age.

About this eBook

Even as the advertising business has gained efficiencies from automating many of the moving parts of the digital media marketplace, today’s advanced martech solutions have added incredible complexity to the process that ultimately still comes back to buying and selling of products and services. With the many layers of actors, ad formats and platforms, it’s no wonder that most digital publishers struggle to effectively optimize their ad inventory and derive the best returns on their available promotional real estate. That’s where this eBook comes in: We’ve developed this “primer” to cut through the complexity of the still-evolving digital media sector. Specifically, this eBook will bring you up to speed on all things “programmatic,” including: the key actors and various ad formats that continue to unfold; different types of technological platforms and associated privacy considerations; and, measurement and pricing strategies that can help you to get ahead of your competition. Altogether, you’ll come away with actionable steps you can take to optimize your ad monetization strategies and develop a more mature and sustainable structure for your digital media business.



We’ve developed this “primer” to cut through the complexity of the still-evolving digital media sector, and specifically, to bring media professionals like you up to speed on all things “programmatic,” so they can derive the best possible results from their digital media initiatives.

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