Our index is showing the average percentage of the programmatic revenues generated by our publishers versus their direct digital sales.
This Index should be used as an average indication only, as this information can differ from a publisher to another and from a market to another.

Monthly Average (%)


Unlocking Digital Monetization: The Power Of Self-Serve Advertising

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, self-serve advertising is increasingly crucial in digital monetization. This article delves into the power of self-serve advertising for publishers and advertisers. We explore the benefits, strategies, and opportunities it offers in detail. Discover how to unlock the full potential of digital monetization through this innovative and efficient approach.

Why we created M32ads Ad Centers and how are they so different?

The launch of the M32 Advertising Centers marks a pivotal and founding step for our team. It has been a long and challenging process, but our vision was clear and strong from the beginning. We’ll explain below how this solution is a game-changer and why it is perfectly adapted both to contemporary challenges facing media publishers and the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for their online advertising.

Unified First-Price Auction

Two important updates have been announced earlier by Google and will be deployed on GoogleAd Manager in the coming months: (1) Your inventory in the Ad Exchange will gradually transition from a second-price to a first-price auction (2) Open auction pricing rules will be replaced by unified pricing rules

unified first auction price

Using ARPUM to better define Media Success

The digital media industry has long relied on the same, old KPIs to measure campaign success. But the industry doesn’t stand still, and your success metrics shouldn’t either! Get to know ARPUM, the ad metric that’s built for the programmatic ecosystem of today and tomorrow.

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