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Why we created M32ads Ad Centers and how are they so different?

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Marketing, Monetization, Our Industry, Self-Serve

The launch of the M32 Advertising Centers marks a pivotal and founding step for our team. It has been a long and challenging process, but our vision was clear and strong from the beginning. We’ll explain below how this solution is a game-changer and why it is perfectly adapted both to contemporary challenges facing media publishers and the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for their online advertising.

The context and the digital industry revolution

Since the founding of M32 Connect, our passion and core business has been to innovate to support the transformation of local media monetization.

In other words, so that media outlets can sell their ad space more efficiently, thereby ensuring content publisher sustainability, while enabling advertisers (agencies and SMEs) to more easily create their advertising campaigns in order to attract more customers and promote their products & services.

In addition to the ongoing digital revolution and the complexity of the industry, the global Covid-19 situation has triggered other major changes in society, consumer habits and business models.

Our experts at M32 believe that this is an ideal opportunity to energize and strengthen the link between local SMEs and their local media.

The challenges to overcome

To lay the groundwork for the Ad Center project, we focused on three key areas to provide the best solution for all players.

Make buying easy and profitable for SMEs

  • Local small and medium-sized enterprises want to have choices to target the best distribution channels based on their criteria and priorities.
  • Platforms must be simple to access and easy to use.

Maintain the autonomy and uniqueness of each publisher

  • Web media outlets want to remain autonomous when managing their tools.
  • Moreover, they want to promote their differentiation. Indeed, since each publisher has its own characteristics, why mix them all in depersonalized bundles?

Data privacy: a non-negotiable issue

  • Data must remain private for both advertisers and publishers. It is specific to every media, which contributes to differentiating them.

The creation of a network of Ad Centers

M32 Connect’s solution is to enable each media group to create its self-service Ad Center that they manage autonomously. This enables them to interact directly with local companies for buying advertising space.

 In short: we want to decentralize and democratize access.

The site (and in French) are hubs that improve communication and enable users to find local offerings. The transactions are decentralized for each publisher. It is the first of its kind that relies on cooperation, instead of competition, for the common good.

The main objectives and benefits of this project

  • Energize the local economy by connecting SMEs and local media outlets
    We dreamt of the day when a small Kelowna business could buy advertising on a Quebec-based media outlet and vice versa. Or that an SME in St-Jean would have a new option, other than GAFAM, to promote its products and services online to its local community.
  • Less friction for buyers
    We understand that a buyer wants to have easy access to all media at once, but we must respect the privacy and particularities of each of them. To minimize inconvenience, each media outlet remains autonomous but user access is universal. This enables users to choose their preferred media outlet without the hassle of managing multiple accesses or learning how to operate each one differently.
  • Enhanced experience and automation for publishers
    Implementation is simplified. Our solution enables a publisher to be operational with its Ad Center in just a few days. They can then make their inventory available and accept transactions.
  • Autonomy, collaboration and transparency
    Publishers regain their autonomy and are put forward. The business model is based on decentralization, transparency and a collaborative user acquisition system: one for all and all for one!
  • Scalable and adaptable model
    The situation this new platform aims to address is a global problem. Our goal is not only to address this challenge here but also to export it in the world.


A final word about the launch

Our team would especially like to thank the publishers who trusted us from the beginning and those in the integration process. We are proud to be a local solution for local companies!

As with any technological innovation, we are aware that the first few months may present some bugs or challenges. Please don’t hesitate to reach out as our team is here to listen and more motivated than ever to continue to work in everyone’s best interest!

Finally, I’d like to thank every colleague and partner for their amazing hard work and dedication.

Contact us to share your comments, feedback, experiences, suggestions  you may have.





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