We adjust to your Monetization Maturity level

Scalability and Agility

  • From beginner to expert, our services adapt to your maturity level and to your needs over time.
  • Our services scale from a turnkey solution to a very advanced monetization architecture and a la carte services, so you can find the perfect fit for you!

Turnkey or a la carte

  • If you are looking for peace of mind, the turnkey solution is for you! Contact us and we will walk you through our auditing process.
  • Our a la carte services & platform will help experts be more hands-on and acquire that extra help needed to maximize your time and results.

Our “a la carte” Services 

Programmatic Services 

We offer a turnkey solution to manage your monetization structure, including header bidding, ad exchanges and unsold inventory. Our Solution covers all steps from strategy to implementation, and from management to optimization. This is a complete and unique offer which supports multi ad-format and multi-marketplaces.

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M32 REVENUES is a unique module that allows the aggregation of all usable data points in order to follow the trend of your monetization results. Each data card has been designed to help managers through their strategic decision-making process, and not just as a collection of unusable data points.

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M32 Ad Center is a self-service platform that enables publishers to simply make their ad space available to local advertisers.

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Training & Ad Operations Services

Our experienced ad ops team will take care of all your operations: from identifying opportunities to maximize your revenues, to delivering and optimizing campaigns, managing inventory, reporting, etc.

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Data Management Platform

M32 SEGMENTS is a data management platform (DMP) that helps our publishers collect, organize and activate first-, second- and third-party audience data. 

A much affordable platform that will make the access easy and bring ROI.

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Google Ad Manager & Ad Manager 360

This service includes the setup of Google Ad Manager, Adx and Google Ad Manager 360 (DoubleClick for Publishers) on your company’s website, followed by a training to activate, schedule, deliver and measure your ad campaigns.

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