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managed services for publishers – adops

Our experienced ad ops team will take care of all your operations: from identifying opportunities to maximize your revenues, to delivering and optimizing campaigns, managing inventory, reporting, etc.

Based on the established SLAs, our expert traffickers maintain a high accuracy rate and easily turn around most requests for help.

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Features & tasks examples 

ad trafficking

  • Implementing the monetization architecture by linking programmatic and direct workflow
  • Manual check of the available inventory for specific targets or campaigns
  • Trafficking in the Ad Server of campaigns
  • Validation of data entry and campaigns setup
  • Troubleshooting and revisions to the trafficking process

training & development

  • Create lesson plans on Google Ad Manager and Ad Manager 360 for either individual or group sessions.

quality assurance

  • Review of creative assets to ensure that publisher specifications are properly created, functional and adhered to.

campaign delivery management

  • Recommendations to improve campaign performance.
  • Delivery reports are created and analyzed to understand the delivery of campaigns and identify underperforming line items.

report services

  • Organize weekly follow-ups with your sales teams through scheduled calls or executive summaries.
  • Build ad-hoc reports and scheduled queries.


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