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The Ontario Community Newspapers Association, comprising hundreds of newspapers in Ontario, partners with M32 to support its digital growth

Montreal, April 4, 2019. M32 is proud to partner with OCNA, the Ontario Community Newspapers Association, to help them harness their digital transformation and manage the addition of digital offerings to their Ad*Reach network, ultimately supporting the association in its purpose of helping community newspapers prosper and access digital revenues.

Thanks to this partnership, the hundreds member newspapers located throughout the province of Ontario will be able to benefit from M32’s unique offer of services and solutions, including their new multimarket monetization tech platform.

“We are very happy about this agreement which not only confirms our focus on supporting local newspapers, but is also a great step in our ongoing expansion in Ontario.” said Mo Kahlain, co-founder and responsible for M32’s Products and Strategy.  

Ad*Reach is the sales and marketing division of OCNA. Its role is to promote the community newspaper industry and to be the single conduit for advertisers to reach their members. They represent a network of hundred of newspapers that stretch through the Greater Toronto Area and into almost all rural and urban communities in the province.

“Working with M32 will definitely help us support our members by supplying them with the right tools and support. Beyond that, we are very pleased about this partnership as it will give media buyers easy access to great local properties.” commented Caroline Medwell, Executive Director at OCNA.

About OCNA

Founded in 1950 and based in Toronto, the Ontario Community Newspapers Association is a non-profit industry association comprising of hundreds of newspapers located throughout the province, dedicated to helping community newspapers prosper. OCNA’s members circulate over 4 million newspapers weekly, which are used by a vast array of advertisers for display advertising, advertorials, classifieds and flyers.

About M32 Connect

M32 Connect is an Ad Tech & Analytics company helping digital publishers understand, control & optimize their data and the various monetization sources & formats. The company brings the data story together, enabling publishers the ability to make better business decisions for their digital assets. M32 Connect supports publishers by offering them a unique technology platform, flexible and innovative turn-key solutions, as well as by providing consulting and digital adops services.

Moreover, M32 Connect acts as a point of balance between publishers and advertisers. Beside the development of their own tech platform which provides useful insights to publishers, the company partners with premium web content publishers in order to allow advertisers to reach their audience and optimize their results.

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