M32 Connect Bolsters Media Industry Against Potential Impacts of Bill C-18

Company Takes Multiple Steps to Support Publishers and Buyers in the Face of the Potential New Legislation Impact.

MONTREAL, Quebec – July 20th, 2023 – In the face of the potential impacts of Bill C-18, M32 Connect, a frontrunner in digital monetization platform development, emphasizes that media companies should concentrate on improving and assessing the risks linked with traffic distribution and strengthening the resilience of their sales channels.

“We are optimistic that the Government and the respective networks will arrive at a workable agreement, but it’s evident that some risk elements require our attention and active management,” the company asserted.

M32 Connect has not only been developing tools to help publishers evaluate their C-18 traffic risks and devise solid action plans for enhancing and strengthening their position, but it has also been at the vanguard of numerous industry initiatives.

The company spearheaded the #Ourlocalmedia movement and transferred its local directory to IAB CANADA. In addition, it has expressed robust support for the A2C/Nos médias d’ici movement, ardently encouraging the signing of the current petition advocating for the significance of local media.

In collaboration with partners, M32 has co-founded and operates Local News Collective, which aims to reinforce the position of local publishers among advertising traders, encourage collaborations and enhance representation in the industry.

Moreover, M32 has launched m32ads.com and pubm32.com in English and French, specifically addressing hyperlocal advertising demand. These platforms promote publishers’ self-serve advertising solutions to effectively engage local audiences and foster the growth of hyperlocal businesses.

M32 is committed to supporting publishers by providing custom risk assessment tools to appraise the traffic impact and strategies to bolster their digital sales channels. These channels help Marketplace Traders, Agency Buyers, Direct Businesses, and Self-serve local demand.

“We will contact each publisher that might be impacted to discuss its risk assessment,” the company said.

M32 also participates in different forums to voice its concerns and pledges to keep its clients and partners updated about different developments.

For Media Buyers, M32 is the monetization partner in Canada that provides access to the country’s largest local news network. The company encourages buyers in Quebec and beyond to support the A2C initiative by signing their petition., contacting M32 to activate Local News Collective Deals and M32 deals for direct access to Canadian media assets, and inviting Local and hyperlocal buyers to use the Canadian Self-serve platform.

M32’s dedication to developing innovative solutions to address the potential implications of Bill C-18 manifests its unwavering commitment to its mission to support media publishers by providing superior products and services to maximize their revenue streams.

About M32 Connect
M32 Connect is an ad tech and analytics company that develops leading-edge monetization platforms to support publishers, allowing them to manage and maximize their sites’ potential while enabling advertisers to attain the highest ROI for their campaigns.

Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • Regardless of the Bill C-18 outcome, M32 Connect emphasizes the importance of evaluating traffic distribution risks and bolstering sales channel resilience.
  • M32 Connect has been at the forefront of various industry actions, including the #Ourlocalmedia movement and the launch of Local News Collective. The company provides custom risk assessment tools to help publishers evaluate their traffic impact and strengthen their digital sales channels.
  • M32 Connect supports buyers by offering access to Canada’s largest local news network and encourages using the Canadian Self-serve platform.


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