Le Devoir Unveils Its New Self-Service Advertising Platform

Montreal, December 12, 2023Le Devoir is expanding its range of digital advertising services by launching the “Self-Service Advertising” platform. Starting today, this platform will allow advertisers to independently create advertising campaigns on Le Devoir’s website.

The Quebec-based and Montreal-based technology firm, M32 Connect, is behind this innovative tool, which will connect local businesses with Le Devoir’s readers by facilitating the design and dissemination of impactful advertising campaigns.

“Self-Service Advertising” provides advertisers with a simple, secure, and affordable solution to showcase their advertising messages and promote their brands on Le Devoir’s website—an advertising environment that attracts over one million readers per week. This platform guides advertisers through the entire process of creating their advertising campaigns and allows them to monitor campaign activities and performance results in real time.

“With Self-Service Advertising, our goal is to simplify advertisers’ access to our digital advertising inventory. While it is now possible to create advertising campaigns with a few clicks on popular social platforms, traditional media must offer innovative solutions like this new platform to attract and retain advertisers,” said Christianne Benjamin, Vice President of Strategy and Development for Le Devoir.

Le Devoir’s “Self-Service Advertising” platform is now available at: https://www.ledevoir.com/publicite/en/libre-service/

For more information about “Self-Service Advertising,” please contact the Advertising Sales and Media Solutions team at: publicite@ledevoir.com

To learn more about M32 Connect’s network of advertising centers, visit: https://m32ads.com


At M32 Connect, we aim to provide a superior digital monetization platform exclusively designed for publishers and retailers. We are committed to enabling our clients to realize their maximum potential by optimizing their revenue streams. This is achieved via our advanced suite of SaaS products, comprehensive analytics tools, and services, including self-serve options, data segmentation, AdOps, training, and programmatic offerings. Our dedication, innovative solutions, and Google partnership position our clients to achieve their financial goals effectively and efficiently.


    Le Devoir has launched the “Self-Service Advertising” platform, developed with M32 Connect, allowing advertisers to easily create and manage ad campaigns on their website. It’s a straightforward and budget-friendly way to reach their audience of over one million weekly readers, complete with real-time performance monitoring.




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