Chronogolf by Lightspeed Selects M32 Connect as Monetization Partner to Optimize Ad Stack and Launch SELF-serve Ad Center

Golf Advertising: M32 Connect and Chronogolf Join Forces.

MONTREAL, Quebec – August 24th, 2023 – M32 Connect proudly announces that from Lightspeed has selected M32 as a monetization partner to optimize its ad stack and launch its new Self-serve ad center. This partnership exemplifies M32’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art monetization solutions and aligns with Chronogolf’s dedication to innovative technology.

About the Partnership: Chronogolf and M32 are joining forces in an exciting new partnership to revolutionize golf advertising. By combining Chronogolf’s industry-leading golf platform with M32’s cutting-edge ad tech and analytics capabilities, the two companies plan to take golf advertising to the next level.

A key part of the collaboration will be the launch of Chronogolf’s new ad center in the coming weeks. David Hope, Lightspeed’s General Manager of Golf, stated, “M32ads will help us optimize our online advertising with the many advertisers who can place their ads on our site and also seek out even more new advertisers to grow our business.” – David Hope.

The partnership represents a strategic alignment of two leaders in their respective fields. Chronogolf and M32 aim to drive unprecedented value for brands seeking to connect with golf’s lucrative audience by pooling their resources and expertise. The upcoming launch of the ad center marks just the beginning of what promises to be a game-changing relationship.

About Chronogolf by Lightspeed:

Chronogolf by Lightspeed provides innovative cloud-based software and marketing solutions to golf courses, including online booking, electronic tee-sheet, member management, tournament management, customer loyalty, and point-of-sale solutions for pro shops, snack bars, and restaurants. Over 500 golf courses trust Chronogolf as their software provider across the world. Chronogolf’s headquarters are in Montreal, with offices in Vancouver, Lyon, Phoenix, and Richmond. Visit for more information.

About M32 Connect:

At M32 Connect, we aim to provide a superior digital monetization platform exclusively designed for publishers and retailers. We are committed to enabling our clients to realize their maximum potential by optimizing their revenue streams. This is achieved via our advanced suite of SaaS products, comprehensive analytics tools, and services, including self-serve options, data segmentation, AdOps, training, and programmatic offerings. Our dedication, innovative solutions, and Google partnership position our clients to achieve their financial goals effectively and efficiently.

Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • M32 Connect has been chosen as Chronogolf‘s monetization partner, focusing on optimizing the ad stack and introducing an innovative ad center for golf advertising.
  • This partnership mirrors M32’s dedication to advanced monetization solutions and Chronogolf’s by Lightspeed commitment to technological innovation. The collaboration elevates golf advertising by combining Chronogolf’s golf platform with M32’s state-of-the-art ad tech and analytics capabilities.
  • The imminent launch of the ad center marks the commencement of a transformative partnership, uniting the strengths and expertise of two prominent industry leaders.


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