Montreal, December 2nd, 2020 – The M32 team is pleased to announce the launch of our latest innovation: the Buyers’ Portal. We created this platform to better support media buyers, making it easier to find and buy ad spaces from local media.

The advantages of the Buyers’ Portal


  • Browsing M32 sites : The tool includes a powerful search engine to sort the list of available websites so advertisers can see the ones that best meet their needs. The M32 network includes a large number of sites from Quebec and the rest of Canada, each offering their own features and strengths through their content focus, available formats and advertising options, reach, etc.
  • Discovering M32 Deals : This section lists all available deals for both local and national publishers to aid the search and provide more transparency. Each deal shows all details such as the floor price, languages, available formats, covered sites and potential marketing segments. A search engine is also available to find the more relevant options even quicker.
  • Getting creative with special formats : Our platform includes a range of special formats and unique products to give your media that creative boost! These include HPTO, our M32 Segments DMP, and even social banners and various video options. Plus, we added a Documentation section to help get the most out of these options. 


 About M32 Connect

M32 Connect is an Ad Tech & Analytics company helping digital publishers understand, control & optimize their data and the various monetization sources & formats. The company brings the data story together, enabling publishers the ability to make better business decisions for their digital assets. M32 Connect supports publishers by offering them a unique technology platform, flexible and innovative turn-key solutions, as well as by providing consulting and digital adops services.

Moreover, M32 Connect acts as a point of balance between publishers and advertisers. Besides the development of their own tech platform which provides useful insights to publishers, the company partners with premium web content publishers in order to allow advertisers to reach their audience and optimize their results.

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