TORONTO, ON – March 1, 2024 Native Touch, a leading Canadian ad tech company, has announced its acquisition of M32 Connect, a prominent technology firm specializing in helping digital publishers and retailers to understand, control, and monetize their data. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the advancement of local and national media opportunities in Canada,  showcasing the combined strength and commitment of two homegrown tech innovators.

The acquisition underscores Native Touch’s unwavering belief in the power of local media and its dedication to empowering local publishers with cutting-edge technology and creative solutions, particularly in the wake of Canada’s Bill C-18 (Online News Act). By investing in M32’s core technology, Native Touch aims to enable local publishers to cultivate more sustainable businesses through enhanced data insights and innovative creative capabilities.

This partnership will result in combined advantages and efficiencies for the two players, including the development of innovative local media offerings and the seamless integration of local media into all future advertising buys. These enhancements will equip advertisers prompted by Bill C-18 to reassess their advertising strategies across local and domestic media channels with enhanced media investment opportunities, ultimately enabling them to engage with local and national audiences more effectively and amplify the impact of their campaigns.

“This acquisition marks an exciting milestone for Native Touch, reinforcing our dedication to bolstering Canada’s local media landscape. Through our investment in M32’s technology, we reaffirm our strong belief in the efficacy of local media and our unwavering commitment to empowering local publishers,” comments Saad Uddin, Co-Founder and CEO at Native Touch.


Native Touch and M32 Connect will operate as separate entities. Native Touch will collaborate on local media products with M32 as part of their continued investment in local media in Canada.


We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Native Touch, a leader in Canadian ad tech. This partnership allows us to amplify our impact and accelerate innovation, ultimately enabling local publishers to build more sustainable businesses and better serve their communities across the country. Our commitment to our clients and our employees remains at the forefront of this transition. Together, we are ready to deliver enhanced value, support, and opportunities, ensuring a brighter future for all stakeholders involved,” says Mo. Kahlain, Co-founder at  M32 Connect.


For further information or comment, please contact Alison Bounader at or (647) 533-5819.


About Native Touch

With over a decade of experience as trusted programmatic ad partners, Native Touch is a leader in media audience expertise in Canada. Their advanced audience segmentation platform enables omnichannel campaigns at scale, ensuring optimal performance and ROI for clients and setting a new standard for sophisticated audience targeting solutions in Canada. Native Touch is committed to helping their clients achieve their advertising goals with precision and efficiency.


About M32 Connect

At M32 Connect, we aim to provide a superior digital monetization platform exclusively designed for publishers and retailers. We are committed to enabling our clients to realize their maximum potential by optimizing their revenue streams. This is achieved via our advanced suite of SaaS products, comprehensive analytics tools, and services, including self-serve options, data segmentation, AdOps, training, and programmatic offerings. Our dedication, innovative solutions, and Google partnership position our clients to achieve their financial goals effectively and efficiently.


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