An Advancement For Quebec’s Tech Industry

MONTREAL, Quebec – June 7th, 2023

M32 Connect, an industry-leading digital monetization platform designed for media publishers and retailers, is thrilled to announce its certification by the Google Certified Publishing Partners program (GCPP). This is a significant mark of recognition for the Quebec tech company, as the certification is the result of a very rigorous process. 

“Our strategic alliance with Google enhances our capabilities, allowing us to provide a stronger monetization platform, optimize revenue streams and empower clients with advanced analytics tools and sophisticated SaaS products,” said Mo Kahlain, Co-Founder of M32 Connect. “This certification validates our commitment to our mission and the success of media companies across North America.”

The GCPP certification, attained by select companies in Canada, underlines M32 Connect’s standing as a front-runner in the industry. It testifies to the firm’s relentless dedication to offering innovative solutions, services, and programmatic offerings as well as meeting Google’s rigorous standards.

Claude Cajolet, Co-Founder of M32 Connect, added, “We’re focused on pushing the boundaries of the digital monetization space. This certification enables us to continue enhancing our offerings, broadening our reach, and propelling our clients’ success to new heights.”

While M32 Connect is proudly Quebec-based, its reach extends far beyond its home province. The company services multiple countries across North America and Europe, with a vision that transcends geographical boundaries.

“M32 Connect’s mission knows no boundaries. As a proud Canadian company, we’re excited about the potential we can unlock for our partners and clients, not only in the Canadian and American markets but also across Europe and the globe,” Mo. Kahlain remarked.

This recognition by Google is a testament to M32 Connect’s relentless pursuit of excellence and customer-centric philosophy. As M32 Connect looks towards the future, it remains committed to innovation in the digital monetization realm, aiming to continually deliver superior products and services that enable clients to optimize their revenue streams.


About M32 Connect

M32 Connect is an ad tech and analytics company that develops cutting-edge monetization platforms to support publishers, letting them manage and maximize the potential of their sites, while enabling advertisers to achieve the highest ROI for their campaigns.  

Based in Montréal and Toronto, M32 Connect is one of North America’s largest monetization, analytics, and advertising technology companies. Through a strategic alliance with Google, M32 Connect provides a suite of SaaS products, analytics tools, and programmatic offerings, servicing publishers in numerous countries across North America and Europe. 

To learn more about Google Certified Partners : https://www.google.com/ads/publisher/partners/


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