M32 Connect announces major updates to self-serve Ad Center:

a product portfolio for publishers and audio/video ad formats

MONTREAL, Quebec – July 5th, 2023

M32 Connect, a trailblazer in digital monetization platform development, continues to innovate with new advertising solutions to optimize revenues for media publishers and diversify ad campaign formats available to advertisers.

“The new features offer advanced customization options, enabling publishers to align their offers more effectively with their business objectives.”

M32 Connect, recognized for its expertise in monetization and digital advertising, adds new advanced features to its Ad Centers, enabling media publishers to expand and personalize their self-service ad-buying offerings.

Among the new features announced today is the Product Portfolio, a catalogue feature designed for publishers. With the M32 Ad Centers, each publisher creates its own self-service advertising platform based on its specific criteria and needs. This feature brings a new level of personalization, enabling them to fine-tune their offerings, products and prices to better meet their goals.

“We are continually developing new features to enhance our platform and empower our clients with more diversified and effective monetization tools. These options will give publishers greater control over their offer and new possibilities for customizing their self-service platform,” said Catherine Descoteaux, Director of Operations and Monetization Products at M32 Connect.

In addition to the product catalogue, M32 Connect is also introducing video and audio ads to the self-serve platform. These new formats will be offered as an alternative to standard banners, which can either be imported or created directly through the online tool, to expand the advertising options available to publishers and advertisers, opening up new avenues for audience engagement and revenue generation.

“These major updates will not only contribute to the success of local publishers in Canada and across North America but also to our clients in Europe and other parts of the globe,” added Amy L’Amoreaux, Director of Publishers, Sales & Self-Serve Support at M32 Connect. 

These enhancements demonstrate M32 Connect’s unwavering commitment to innovation and the company’s mission to support media publishers by offering them superior products and services to optimize their revenue streams.

About M32 Connect

M32 Connect is an ad tech and analytics company that develops cutting-edge monetization platforms to support publishers, letting them manage and maximize the potential of their sites while enabling advertisers to achieve the highest ROI for their campaigns.  

Based in Montréal and Toronto, M32 Connect is one of North America’s largest monetization, analytics, and advertising technology companies. Through a strategic alliance with Google, M32 Connect provides a suite of SaaS products, analytics tools, and programmatic offerings, servicing publishers in numerous countries across North America and Europe. 

Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • M32 Connect introduces the Product Portfolio, a new feature enabling media publishers to better control and personalize their self-service offer.
  • Video and audio ad formats are now available on the self-serve platform, in addition to standard banner.
  • These important updates are designed to enhance the platform’s customization capabilities and flexibility for media publishers.
  • M32 Connect continues to innovate and expand its offerings, further cementing its industry-leading position.


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