Les Affaires launches its new self-service advertising platform to support the growth of local businesses

Montreal, June 18, 2024Les Affaires, the premier website for the Quebec business community, proudly announces the launch of its new “Self-Service Advertising Center.” This initiative is designed to provide local businesses with a powerful and accessible solution to optimize their digital marketing campaigns and boost their economic growth.

With this innovative offering, Groupe Contex, which includes Les Affaires, Avantages, Benefits Canada, Acquizition.biz, Contech Bâtiment, and L’Événement Carrières, reaffirms its status as a Quebec flagship, supporting local businesses and solidifying its vital role in the business community. In collaboration with M32 Connect, a Montreal-based company specializing in online advertising solutions, Les Affaires has created an easy-to-use, flexible, and cost-effective advertising platform.

“With our self-service advertising center, advertisers can effortlessly manage their own advertising campaigns and promote their products and services to a dedicated, engaged audience,” says Nancy Gaudreault, General Manager of Les Affaires.

Les Affaires has established itself as Quebec’s leading source of business information, offering extensive coverage of business news, stock market data, and management trends. Building on this strong foundation, Les Affaires is now making its advertising center available to advertisers.

“We encourage our customers to explore this new platform and launch their advertising campaigns. It’s an opportunity for advertisers to stand out and contribute to the growth of the Quebec business community,” adds Ms. Gaudreault.

The new advertising center launched by Les Affaires underscores the company’s position as a key player in the Quebec media landscape. It enhances the company’s service offering by providing advertisers with a local, accessible, and cost-effective solution for reaching their target audience effectively.

For more information and to launch your advertising campaign, visit lesaffaires.com/centre-publicitaire-libre-service today.


Les Affaires, through its prestigious publication and website, mobilizes, connects, and grows the business community. With its credible, relevant, and analyzed content, Les Affaires provides concrete keys to understanding and spotting trends, better anticipating change, and making more informed decisions. As Quebec’s leading French-language business news source, Les Affaires is more than just a media outlet—it’s a guide that informs and inspires action.


Groupe Contex, employing around 100 people in Montreal and Toronto, operates under several major brands, including Les Affaires, Acquizition.biz, Contech Bâtiment, Avantages, and Benefits Canada. The company publishes print and digital publications and organizes training sessions, conferences, and exhibitions. All its media, events, and training offerings bring to life its mission to inform, connect, and inspire, helping business people, professionals, and organizations to develop and realize their full potential.


M32 Connect, a technology company specializing in advertising analytics, develops cutting-edge monetization platforms that support publishers, helping them manage and optimize their sites’ potential and meet media buyers’ demands with innovative tools that maximize the ROI of their campaigns. Based in Montreal and Toronto, M32 Connect is one of North America’s leading monetization, analytics, and advertising technology companies, managing a network of several hundred web properties in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Since 2016, major clients such as Les Affaires, The Weather network, Cogeco Media, Ricardo Media, Le Devoir, RNC Media, and Ko Media…..have trusted M32 Connect


      Les Affaires, the premier website for the Quebec business community, proudly announces the launch of its new “Self-Service Advertising Center.”


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