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Localika – Local Ads Automation

Localika is our answer to harness the local market by automatically scaling local online marketing campaigns. Our delivery mechanism maximizes both the publishers’ reach and the advertisers’ visibility. This Solution will bring you scale, agility and an important source of new monetization.

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The product at a glance

Proven ROI

Localika is helping our publishers run thousands of campaigns every day.  

An automated process from sales to delivery

Our proven process is designed to connect to your ERP or simply to a CSV file. 

Local algorithmic campaign optimization

Once we agree on your business rules, we leverage our Localika algorithm to run and optimize local campaigns in order to maximize your results.

Customized Experience

From reporting one-pagers to responsive landing pages, our product is agile and scalable.

Automated Reporting

We can deliver automated reports to your clients, your internal systems or to your inbox.


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